Why is PCCW countryside connection not stable?

Slow internet connection of PCCW?

Debbie “David, my youtube is now going to run smooth like after sprayed by WD40, thanks. There is still part of the Internet going wrong. Its been usual that my Gmail cannot reach the recipient, it interrupts 2 minutes after I press the “send” button.

I checked her setting through remote, finally, she can send this mail out by send it again.

Debbie is living in a house with 8M connection,this is what we called ADSL, 8M download in PCCW’s connection. 8M upload as well? No, instead its around 0.8Mbps. It is slow, but it should be adequate to transfer an email with 30Kb, should’nt it?

I looked at the TV, ah ha, I got it! The observatory department just launched Yellow rain signal! I am not sure how is Debbie’s internet connection looks, but in many countryside, the signal processor(which we usually call DSLAM) is placed within a box like:



The pipe connects the processor is easier to be affected by weather as it is placed outdoor. Different from the optical fibre procesor () shown as below, it is placed indoor, of course I can send Email without interference!

Debbie asked ” What can I do? I have to make sure my email be sent in a more explicit way, I can pay you”

I was quite tired, I have to answer her tomorrow.

shing kit wanWhy is PCCW countryside connection not stable?