Why my area cannot cover high speed broadband?

Recently, I have met many enquirers from Broadbandhk.com. They always been frustrated by a magic word in my conversation: “Hey Debbie, in your area, PCCW is the only one who provide broadband service.” And then I can hear a sigh “thanks a lot, I have to be squeezed by PCCW again” I was wondering, how much did Debbie paid for her internet broadband, she told me, it is $268, which rose from $138! Through the Google search, Debbie is not walking alone, see!
Up to my observations, there are correlations between the price and the level of competitions. For example, in most of the public housing like Wah Fu Estate, citizens are enjoying their 500M internet speed in $168 per month. Debbie’s friend who live in City Garden in North point did not pay much as well, 500M was priced at $208 as well.
Debbie is living in a house where located in Sai Kung, near Pik Uk Prison. Maintaining a 8M internet service, she cannot even play youtube smooth and sometimes experience failure in Email service, but 8M is somewhat equivalent to some mobile connection in very busy area, it should be fine in  playing low quality video, what is happening?
When I look at the pic of her house, I know it! she answered that her house is too big, its been a disaster to cover all of her rooms in internet cables. WiFi is used to cover whole house!! 8M is not something fast, count on the effect taken by loss of WiFi signal, I captured a screen to her, to compare WiFi internet and cable connection speed in my home, she then understand how slow the WiFi is. (In fact my ASUS router claims a 300Mbps output)
So, a network connection instead of WiFi is a more feasible and value idea, if you want your work to be done in a more effective manner, choose a cable!
But two days later, Debbie called me again
shing kit wanWhy my area cannot cover high speed broadband?